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Niamh Quirke BCL
Quirke Solicitors
3 Waterside, Ashe Quay
Co. Cork

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A Will is an important legal document that takes effect on a persons death and distributes their estate according to their wishes.

If a person dies and has not drawn up a will they will die intestate. The law then directs how their estate will be distributed and this may cause unnecessary upset to loved ones on their death.

We provide both legal and tax management advise to you when completing Wills on your behalf.

When a person dies certain official documents need to be obtained prior to the executors being allowed deal with the assets. The revenue have to be advised of all the assets held by the person who has died. The next step is for the executors(people in charge of the deceased affairs) need to be obtain legal authority from the Probate office to manage the affairs of the deceased person. This official authority is called a Grant of Probate. Once the executors have obtained this official document called the Grant of Probate then the assets are then divided in accordance with the will . As solicitors, we have completed  these steps many times before so we can advise you through the process and complete the necessary documentation to finalsie matters .

Areas of practice include:-

  • Wills
  • Administration of Estates
  • Power of Attorney
  • Tax Planning for Estates