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Niamh Quirke BCL
Quirke Solicitors
3 Waterside, Ashe Quay
Co. Cork

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Tel: 25-40000

Fax: 25-40001



If you are an individual or a business with a dispute we can advise on the legal options open to you to seek redress . We will listen to you and recommend the best course of action, based on our experience and expertise. We will deal with all matters on behalf of our client to achieve the best possible outcome. Equally, when the circumstances and the client requires us to adopt a more conciliatory approach we will do so to negotiate a settlement on your behalf . We will advise on the best course of action in any given situation and faced with a particular set of circumstances.

Areas of practice include:-

  •  Contract Disputes
  •  Building Disputes
  •  Mis-selling of financial products
  •  Defamation
  •  Mental Health Tribunal
  •  Commercial Disputes
  •  Engineering Disputes
  •  Nuisance Claims
  •  Planning Injunctions
  •  Landlord / Tenant Disputes
  •  Licensing
  •  Insurance
  •  Criminal
  • Legal Aid
  • Arbitration

Debt Resolution:-
In the current economic climate it is becoming increasingly important both for individuals and Companies to protect their cash flow. If you need assistance recovering debts owed to you or your business or need to come to a settlement with your Debtors, we can assist you.

Areas of expertise:

  • District Court – Debt Collection/Resolution
  • Circuit Court – Debt Collection/Resolution
  • High Court –    Debt Collection/Resolution
  • Enforcement of Court Orders to include Judgment Mortgages, Garnishee Orders, Instalment Orders, Registration of Judgments.